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How Does It Work? It’s a classic use of the power of radio with its unmatched reach. Job seekers hear the ad, post a resume and search job postings for free. Employers hear the ad and post jobs at a competitive rate (our 30-day rate is equal to or less than a single ad in the Sunday paper, for example). From there our sales force goes to work growing one-time clients into regular business. How Much Money Can My Station Make? Even in small-to-medium-sized markets, a group of stations working together can generate thousands of dollars each month and up to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Regardless of your market size, RegionalHelpWanted is a great way to build a brand and earn a piece of the $6 billion online recruitment market. Employers and job seekers hear the ad on radio Employers post jobs Radio stations earn a royalty on every ad sold on RHW sites Job seekers search for and apply to jobs RHW sales force grows one time clients into regular business For more information, contact: Tony Garcia | Phone: (303) 847-4260 | Email: | Let’s Build A Brand Together

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