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Build A Brand That Generates New Revenue Generating new revenue is no picnic, and neither is building a brand. When you try to combine both, the challenge is enormous. But with the right partner—and the right target—it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. RegionalHelpWanted has a proven track record of helping radio get its fair share of a $6 billion revenue source*—recruitment dollars. These dollars are difficult — if not impossible — for radio stations to attract on their own. Over the last dozen years RegionalHelpWanted’s network of employment websites has become a recognized brand in creating new revenue streams for radio stations in over 400 local markets across North America. The enterprise has been so effective that Media Monitors named RegionalHelpWanted along with GEICO, McDonald’s and Toyota as one of the Top 20 radio advertisers in the U.S. in 2010. These highly effective alliances help radio stations monetize unsold inventory without any financial or personnel investment on the part of the station. We literally do it all: billing, collections, reporting—the works. All you do is promote your regional site using unsold or remnant inventory. Not only do you develop a new revenue stream for unsold inventory, you build a brand that continues to generate a return, year after year. Whatever the economic outlook, there is always a market for gifted employees. * Source: Borrell Associates, Recruitment Outlook. For more information, contact: Tony Garcia | Phone: (303) 847-4260 | Email: | Let’s Build A Brand Together

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