PharmacyWeek Vol XXII Issue #13, March 31, 2013 - April 13, 2013 : Page 1

5IF1IBSNBD Z1SPGFTTJPOBMT&NQMPZNFOU3FTPVSDFr4FS WJOH0WFS&#0d;6OJRVF$MJFOUT4JODF&#1a;&#1a; Volume XXII -Issue 13 -Mar. 31, 2013 -Apr. 13, 2013 Associate Director, Industry Relations Navitus Health Solutions -Madison, WI NAVITUS IS A PLACE WHERE GROWTH IS ENCOURAGED. Please see our ad in the Midwestern Region pg. 36 TABLE OF CONTENTS Subscriptions 3 Associations 4 Featured Association(s) 5 National 6 International 13-14 Salary Survey 15-17 Editorials 18-19 Regions 20 We ’d li ke to t h a n k t h e f o ll ow i n g o r ga n i z a t i o n s w h o have s t r o n g l y su p p o r te d t h e e f f o r t s o f Ph ar m a c y We ek throughout the y e ar s. Pl e a se Se e Pa g e 5 Informatics Pharmacist O’Bleness Health System Athens, Ohio Please see our ad in the Midwestern Region pg. 33 Co nnec t wi th Pha rmac yWe ek or visit our we bsite: w w w.Pharmac m

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