PharmacyWeek, Volume XIX Issue #43, December 19, 2010 - January 1, 2011 : Page 1

WELCOME! We’d like to thank the following organizations who have strongly supported the efforts of Pharmacy Week throughout the years. "$$1&#0e;1MFBTFTFFQBHF 5IF1IBSNBDZ1SPGFTTJPOBMT&NQMPZNFOU3FTPVSDFt4FSWJOH0WFS&#0d;6OJRVF$MJFOUT4JODF&#1a;&#1a;t Volume XIX-Issue 43 Dec.19, 2010 -Jan. 1, 2011 Welcome to the Salary Issue! Every six months, PharmacyWeek teams with Mercer to bring you the latest salary information in the pharmacy industry. This compensation survey is the most comprehensive, respected and up-to-date report for the pharmacy industry. In this issue, you will find complimentary excerpts of the national and industry-spe-cific findings. Turn to page 14 for more! TABLE OF CONTENTS Subscriptions Associations Featured Association(s) Resources Salary Survey 3 4 5 6 14-17 Connect with PharmacyWeek’s Social Media Pages Click on the links below FOCUS ON YOUR FUTURE at UW Hospital and Clinics Named one the nation’s top ten “100 Best Companies” by 8PSLJOH Mother magazine, listed among America’s top hospitals by 6&#0f;4&#0f; News and World Report , and designated as a Magnet® Hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center—University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin offers chal-lenge, growth and a unique opportunity to use your knowledge and experience to the fullest. We are currently recruiting for: t$MJOJDBM1IBSNBDZ.BOBHFS t $MJOJDBM 1IBSNBDJTUT&#1b; *OUFSOBM .FEJDJOF&#0d; 0QFSBUJOH Room and Oncology t3FTJEFOUT&#1b;"ENJOJTUSBUJPO&#0d;1SBDUJDF&#0d;$PNNVOJUZ&#0d;5SBOT -plant and Nutrition Please see our ad in the Midwestern Region. Clinical Resource Specialist 4U&#0f;-PVJT&#0d;.0 The $MJOJDBM3FTPVSDF4QFDJBMJTUo1IBSNBDZ is responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of national and regional strategies for process improvement, product standard-ization, utilization management, and sharing of best practices, leading to a reduction in pharmaceutical expenses and quality improvement. Improvement of medication safety and regulatory compliance at health ministries are additional key areas of respon-sibility. Please see our ad in the Midwestern Region. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter MySpace

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